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Craig Claims

Craig Parker Claims
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All Members , Moderated
Craig Parker Claims...

In this community, you may claim:

Physical Traits
Personality Traits
Quotes (from Craig himself, any of his characters, or any fan fiction)
Articles of clothing
OTP's involving Craig or his characters


Each person may claim 3 items, but the first 10 people to join may claim 7 items each.

Three claims (by different people) per any one item. That's all we can keep up with! Mod claims don't take away from the available claims. So if anorienparker or sairalinde have claimed it, and two others have it's still up for grabs. :D


Physical Traits
anorienparker claimed Craig's beautiful blue eyes
anorienparker claimed Craig's beautiful smile
sairalinde claimed Craig's gorgeous smile
jack4will claimed Craig's smile
jack4will claimed Craig's eyes
jack4will claimed Craig's ass
wenchofcraig claimed Craig's cute little bootie :)
little___hobbit claimed Craig's hands
little___hobbit claimed Craig's tongue
soultoad claimed Craig's walk (all loose-jointed and lope-y)
soultoad claimed Craig's eyebrows
sairalinde claimed Craig's eyes too since my Daisy in all our stories sorta waxes poetic about how his eyes are dazzling and that they shine, glitter, shimmer, etc.... (I had to since my muse was poking me rather harshly.)
soultoad claimed Craig's thighs
soultoad claimed Craig's feet
jodiodi claimed Craig's shoulders
jodiodi claimed Craig's arms
jodiodi claimed Craig's lips
jodiodi claimed Craig's chest
sweetzattack claimed Craig's shoulders
sweetzattack claimed Craig's hips
sweetzattack claimed Craig's tummy (aka. The One Tummy) :)
pluie_confettis claimed Craig's overall delicious physique
pluie_confettis claimed Craig's highlighted hair
pluie_confettis claimed Craig's perfect nose
pluie_confettis claimed Craig's profile
historydiva2000 claimed Craig's voice
veevz_1000 claimed Craig's hair
veevz_1000 claimed Craig's ass
sinderin_elf claimed Craig's lips
philstar22 claimed Craig's back
silsbee329 claimed Craig's voice
silsbee329 claimed the sexy little gap in his front teeth.

Personality Traits
soultoad claimed Craig's complete, endearing attention to the fan he's speaking with
soultoad claimed Craig's sense of humor
jodiodi claimed Craig's intelligence
pluie_confettis claimed Craig's kindness
autumn_witch78 claimed Craig's sweetness
veevz_1000 claimed Craig's silliness
claudee claimed Craig's touching his lips as both Darken Rahl and Leighton Mills
philstar22 claimed Craig's lip licking as Darken Rahl

anorienparker claimed Darken Rahl, Haldir, Glaber and Walter.
jack4will claimed Haldir
historydiva2000 claimed Comedy of Deputy Henley in No One Can Hear You
danceofillusion claimed Haldir

soultoad claimed: "My whole thing is that... I enjoy people. I enjoy meeting people. I've never seen the point of protecting yourself from them. Some actors do get very guarded and defensive, and .... it just seems like a waste of time. You'd miss out on a lot of the fun stuff."

sweetzattack claimed: "The toilet, on it's own bad enough, but also home to the largest, hairiest spider alive. My high point was waking up in the dead of night when something crawled across my face. I would have swiped it off but I was too chicken (with or without knuckles) to find out what it was and whether it would kill me."

cousinshelley claimed a quote from Absence of Fear, a fps story written by sairalinde and anorienparker. "If I had known, I would have made him stop. I would have cut off his member and fed it to the pigs in the lowest levels of your city!"

autumn_witch78 claimed Quote: On slash:
"Slash... I don't read it but as long as no one loses an eye, yay! as I've said, if my alter ego is having a great time, who am I to butt in."

silsbee329 claimed Quote: "The dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark."

Articles of clothing
jodiodi claimed Haldir's Armor
sweetzattack claimed - the complete outfit he wore at the Ring*Con 2004 opening ceremony
anorienparker claimed Haldir's robes
pluie_confettis claimed Craig's bracelets
pluie_confettis claimed Craig's Red-Laced Blue Converse All Stars
autumn_witch78 claimed Craig's socks (all present and future)

anorienparker claimed his Haldir wig
sairalinde claimed Bellerophon's gloves
sairalinde claimed Haldir's cloak and bow
sweetzattack claimed Bellerophon's sword
historydiva2000 Haldir's red cloak from the Helm's Deep scene
philstar22 claimed Darken Rahl's wig
philstar22 claimed Darken Rahl's knife and the way he holds it

OTP's involving Craig or his characters
anorienparker and sairalinde claim Craig/David Wenham OTP
anorienparker and sairalinde claim Haldir/Faramir OTP
jack4will claimed Haldir/Aragorn friendship
jack4will claimed Craig/Karl friendship
jodiodi claimed the Haldir/Orophin/Rumil bond
sweetzattack claimed the Craig-n-Mark OTP
namarielorien claimed Craig/Orlando Bloom pairing
namarielorien claimed Haldir/Legolas pairing

anorienparker and sairalinde are mods.

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