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New Claim

Not sure if still available. If NO, please let me know.
But I would like to lay claim on his beautiful blue eyes and his smile. 
Or am I allowed only one thing?????
Then the eyes.

Gosh, scrolling down it looks they are all taken already.
His beard like on my icon.
His chubby cheeks???
Dunno! What isn't taken yet?

OK, I went checking. There are my claims now:

Physical Traits: His hands and feet, his cheeks and his beard.
Personalily Traits: The way he throws his head back into his neck when laughing.
Characters: Cleades & Prince Sarpedon (Xena) and Frank Worsley
Quotes: "OH! YOU are one of those!" *after confessing to him that I am writing smut about him*
Articles of Clothing: The jeans jacket he wore when we met and the shirt with the stripes.
Props: Glaber's skirt, vambraces and shin protectors.
OTP's involving Craig or his characters: Haldir/Eomer (planning to write much more about them)

So that's me done!

BTW - love the idea for a comm.


Hello (is this comm still active?),

I'm new here and after looking over the list, for characters, may I claim Haldir?

Three things I must have. ;)

1. His voice
2. (especially when he says... ) Quote: "The dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark."
3. The sexy little gap in his front teeth.


Not sure this still is active ...

... but I'd like to claim Craig touching his lips, let it be as Leighton Mills or Darken Rahl ... he does it quite often recently ;)
Wow. Awesome idea. don't know if this is still alive, but here goes...

I claim:
Craig's Rahl Wig
Craig's back
Craig's Rahl knife and the way he holds it.
Craig's lip licking as Rahl


I claim Craig's lips


I just stumbled upon this lovely little corner of lj-land thru anorienbean's lj, and if it's not too late and still allowed, I'd like to claim my OTP's.

I'd like to claim my OTP-RPS Craig/Orlando Bloom and my OTP-FPS Haldir/Legolas. Pretty please?

Hello everyone! I've never joined a claim community, but claiming Craig sounds so fun.

Ok then, I want to claim his hair, his ass, and his silliness.

Thank you! :)


Hullooooo Craig Lovers! I have a little question for our mods ... can I change one of my claimes? *makes puppy dog eyes* And if I shouldn't post this here, just let me know ... I'm groggy and all out of it and such. =\

Hi, everyone! I've never joined a claims comm before so please don't hate me if I totally screw this one up. I know I will.

Hmm, I think I'm kind of late and all the good yummy Craig traits are claimed.

 Let's see: *scrolling down the claims list*

Lips, arms, hair, smile, eyes,  tongue...*crying*  hips, nose, feet...hm, feet? Did someone claim Craig's socks? *scrolling all the way down* Nope, no socks! YAY!

I'm claiming Craig's socks. All of them: even purple and yellow, clean and dirty, and all those he will wear in the future. They are all mine...my precioussss...socks!  Now you all thinking I'm a sock perv...what a great way to introduce myself to the new community.

Okay, what else can I claim? How many am I allowed to claim anyway? *headdesk*

I would've claimed his heart, but I think it belongs to Daisy ;) But in case Daisy is not interested, I'll claim it.

Oh, and I remember this quote from anorien 's post that I just squeed over for hours so I'm totally claiming it:

On slash:
"Slash... I don't read it but as long as no one loses an eye, yay! as I've said, if my alter ego is having a great time, who am I to butt in."

For personality traits I'm claiming Craig's sweetness.

P.S. My icon was created by the wonderful azdiva and I hope she wouldn't mind me using it here.</span>